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Assertive Legal Assistance With Traffic Citations And DUI Charges

A night out or simply driving to work can suddenly change your life. Whether you stand accused of driving under the influence (DUI) or received a traffic citation, learning your rights and where you stand legally can make a huge difference in the outcome. Under both scenarios, your driving privileges and rights could be at risk. Having a lawyer to counsel you can help you overcome your difficulties.

At David A Resnick, Esq., I am committed to assisting you and explaining your options and what the process looks like, in a straight-forward understandable way. Since 1985, I have provided legal services in complex criminal cases and driving violations. I know your current situation may be difficult and that you must make informed decisions. Even though every case is different and the outcomes always depend on the particular facts, the early intervention by a skilled attorney can usually help you resolve your situation in a way that minimizes points and fines, keeps your driving record intact and meet the necessary deadlines. I will take as much time as necessary with you to discuss your case, and I will ensure you understand the many avenues to explore and the potential consequences.

Legal Representation To Fight DUI Charges

In Maryland, a .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or above means an individual could be arrested for DUI. In addition, like in any traffic violation, if you are convicted, an individual will also get points on their driver’s license. While, for example, ignoring a flashing traffic light is a violation that will lead to having one point on your driver’s license, a DUI equals eight points and makes your license subject to suspension.

The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) determines that an individual with eight to 11 points accumulated in two years may choose to accept the points and subsequent suspension. However, there is also the option to request a hearing to challenge the intention to suspend your driver’s license. The same applies for cases involving 12 points or more, where the MVA will request a license revocation.

If you are in such a difficult situation and have over eight points, I can help you:

  • Evaluate your situation and advise you and represent you at a hearing or apply for the interlock ignition program based on your particular situation
  • Prepare your case and gather all the required evidence to fight the State’s intention to suspend your license
  • Guide you through every step of the process, explain your rights and what you can expect

I know the system may be intimidating, especially when the stakes are high and your driving privilege is on the line. However, you are NOT GUILTY until proven otherwise. Having qualified and seasoned legal assistance has never been so crucial to fight for a different outcome.

When we work together on your case, I will be in touch with you personally, I will answer your questions and I will address your concerns. My priority will be to provide you with the personalized attention you need to feel your rights and interests are being protected and to advance your process.

Let’s Fight Back

My main office is in Towson, from where I serve clients throughout the State, including the Eastern Shore and southern Maryland. You can call 410-941-2258 or send an email using this secure online form to schedule a free initial consultation with me.